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As described on .art - Robert Richardson is a visual artist and writer, selling digital artworks as limited edition prints. He is one of the many creatives at the forefront of a global digital transition. Robert walks us through the process of the decision-making that led him to become a digital artist and reviews his preferred digital tools.

Robert Richardson studied Communication Design at a faculty of art and design of a London polytechnic, followed by Education at a teacher training college and a university. For many years he was a university lecturer, and now works independently as a visual artist and writer.


He produces artworks in various media, having solo exhibitions in Germany and Portugal, as well as the UK. He has graphic art in collections of the British Museum and the Australian National Gallery. His work has appeared in Artists’ Postcards: A Compendium (Reaktion Books, London) and Leeds Postcards (Four Corners Books, London). He is also the co-editor of Homage to Imagism (AMS Press, New York).

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