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The Otter Gallery believes Diversity & Inclusion is not about the various “-isms” but about the common efforts, shared values, and accepted norms which allow artists to be the true version of themselves, to be provided with a safe platform to share, and to integrate a community where learning from each other and exchanging openly are the foundations.


Art is driven by different purposes and is meant to trigger various feelings. But how can culture evolve if artists are not given the freedom, the opportunity, and/or the place to translate their message? Our otters recognize that art can be disruptive, but we also believe disruption should precede learning and exchange.


Art is probably one of the best platforms to advocate for diversity and inclusion. However, it is also one of the trickiest ones. Where are the boundaries? What can we accept? How far can art go to communicate? We do not believe in boundaries; we believe in education and exchange.


  • Diversity & Inclusion does not happen overnight, it is continuous efforts which eventually lead to it.

  • Diversity & Inclusion does not happen alone, it is working with others which eventually allow it.


We strive to thoroughly evaluate our strategic partnerships and only engage with partners whom we share values and vision with.


The Otter Gallery aims to build an art world which embraces diversity and inclusion, regardless of circumstances. Our efforts shall allow the art world to be welcoming, accessible, and a safe place for all artists. We are committed to removing all forms of discrimination.

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