Welcome to

The Otter Gallery

...not just any other art gallery, but home to the next generation of galleries where visitors become actors.

The Otter Gallery is, an experience based and, the first concept gallery where art meets hospitality.

In otter words, a pop-up project meant to travel around urban lifestyle hotels where art lovers can gather.

Founded in 2019 as a non-profit association, The Otter Gallery acts to empower emerging artists and curate innovative international exhibitions for cosmopolitan travelers and artsy local residents by:

  • Showcasing innovative temporary pop-up exhibitions in urban artistic destinations

  • Supporting emerging artists in terms of visibility

  • Fostering innovation in the art industry

  • Creating a community (members) for artistic collaborations

  • Building bridges across art and other industries

Being the platform where art meets hospitality, The Otter Gallery sets the ambition to become an international traveling pop-up art experience.

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