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The Otter Gallery's, aka TOG, adventure started in 2018 as an innovative, inclusive, and international photography pop-up exhibition project. The concept has been inspired by a wide range of travels and art experiences from all around the world. The pulse from the night walks through the Wynwood Art Walls (Miami), the murals in constant creation of Williamsburg (Brooklyn), the history heavy Street-art from Berlin, the upbeat artsy vibe from Shoreditch neighborhood of London, and the countless artistic encounters have defined the DNA of The Otter Gallery.

The abundance of such an eclectic crowd of emerging artists deserving much more visibility has given us our purpose. As such, The Otter Gallery aimed to differentiate itself form traditional art galleries by supporting emerging artists in gaining more exposure. From early on, and because the naming of a business is paramount, we believed our name shall reflect this differentiation. Hence the made-up name and play word between “other” and “otter”. But what is a brand without a personality? Because of their curiosity, their sense of the community, their creativity, and their globally recognized cuteness otters instantly established themselves as the perfect match to translate who we are.

TOG is an association which has been curating pop-up artistic experiences and fostering artistic collaborationsExhibitions were delivered into seasons and episodes where 2019 was the pilot and 2020 should have been the second season.

Today, and following a creative pandemic break our concerns have shifted, our initial concept required a comprehensive revamp and we have decided to embrace the digital turn sooner than expected. Thus, we found our new digital purpose in empowering artists with blockchain technology to create, build and develop a sustainable digital or hybrid career. We have also extended our support to more established artists seeking help to master the new digital art world.

The Otter Gallery goes beyond and strives to embolden artists with self-made entrepreneurial skills, such as, but not limited to, brand building, digital marketing, and intellectual property rights. Among the new focuses of the gallery is the bridging of cross-industry artistic synergies.

Because we believe in the power of the community, it is part of our DNA and an integral part of our business model to leverage the potential of crowdfunding. Alone we can do a lot, but together we can do more!

Finally, The Otter Gallery strives to continue the curation temporary pop-up exhibitions in creative places where art exhibitions are not expected.

SBB Smart Emma campaign finalist

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