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Letizia Zombory


A Dutch visual artist and painter who lives and works out of Italy. Letizia is in an award-winning, and member of the Academia, artist whose works have enjoyed many group exhibitions in Florence, Rome, Vatican, Monte Carlo, Innsbruck, Vienna, London, Stockholm, and Miami. She best expresses her talent in a quest for the inner soul of a theme. She delicately flirts with the blur between reality and the surreal climaxing in the visible expression of the hidden.

“In my paintings I am always searching for the inner soul of a theme”

Her artistic theme is the history of ancient Rome, the history of Venice, the story of people like Casanova, Cesar and Cleopatra, Nero, and many others.

Artist statement:

“In my paintings I am always searching for the inner soul of a theme. A soul, a face, a hidden truth. The image can be either reality or surreal. The image has to belong to the theme and the hidden must be expressed, by any means necessary. I am always looking for the feelings of people, landscapes, and inanimate objects.


In my Venice series, I want to show a less well-known image of this wonderful city, an image that has not been painted during the centuries. I am a little ironic and playful, but so is this city too, always different, and incomprehensible. Everything revolves around the gondolas that have grown into half human beings. I also wanted to show my love and humility for this wonderful city.


My Rome series tell the story about the Majestic capital of the old, the lost World with her glamorous palaces, great emperors and the common people. This tale is about the Eternal City that is nowadays just as colorful pulsating, majestic and eternal as it ever was.”

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