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Looking at the works of this young self-taught artist, one might think that she is a member of the World Wide Fund for Nature! Actually not! Although she has been doodling, sketching and drawing since childhood, animals have never been her favourite subject. Preferably inclined towards people, sharing and travelling - her motto is Adventure is the best way to learn - this English and psychology teacher likes to play with contrasts and opposites. Hence the white Indian ink on a black background. Or the use of the dip pen in the InDesign era.

Curious, adventurous, impulsive, she likes to take off her shoes and walk home barefoot across the green lawn. She hates injustice, dammed rivers and unloving cats. She dreams of designing wooden furniture and never leaves a movie theatre without enjoying the 30 meditative seconds at the end of the film. Her heart is as much in her Swiss homeland as it is in New Orleans or in the Middle East. After all that, don't be surprised by her summer reading... The Secret Life of Trees. Who knows, maybe she'll turn it into a future art piece?

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