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Andras Pongo


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Andras is a self-taught freelance photographer in Zürich, passionate about originality, creativity and quality. His work is primarely driven by the human connection, the pleasure to share emotions in order to explore and capture new ideas. After more than 15 years of amateur photography he is now running his own studio under the umbrella of Enso Photography in Zürich for more than 2 years.

Things began to take a more serious turn from him in the field when, during a preparation for a trip to Iceland, he discovered further drive in himself to professional challenges diving head-first into the ever growing available study materials online and spending countless hours practicing what he learned.


From landscape photography chasing the golden hour in the Alps to other nieches such as portrait, event photography and products, he enjoyes a wide variety of forms for creative expressions. His work took him to work with Franz Karl Weber, the American Standup Show in locations like Theater 11, Dance Fuzion Zürich or professional models in London. His photos are now featured in magazines and on covers such as the Le Temp or My Workout Switzerland.

His primary influences are a long list of great photographers and artist like Elia Locardi, Sean Tucker and Peter Hurley and his biggest pleasure to the day is atill when people get inspired by his work.

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