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An Otter Xmas is a celebration of the holiday season in an artsy style. Our goal is to gift art in 2019!

The Otter Gallery partnered this occasion with the leading hair and beauty group - EN VOGUE coiffure in Zürich. The team at the TALSTRASSE branch, has entrusted us to co-host the gallery's second exhibition (S1 E2). As our first season finale, we'll be saying goodbye to our first year of activity in an artsy and pop-up style.

The Otter gallery has chosen EN VOGUE TALSTRESSE as a partner thanks to shared values. The art of cutting hair has always been strongly influenced by cultures and personalities. The two components are paramount at The Otter Gallery. We are made by the artists we support and present. The cultural differences and the unique personalities of our artists are our oxygen, but furthermore rooted in our DNA.

By bringing modern art into the salon, EN VOGUE TALSTRASSE supports not only designing fashion shows and television broadcasts, but as of now the creation of artistic experiences which trigger the human senses.

AN OTTER X-MAS featuring two female artists, respectively visual artist Kalina Juzwiak & singer Shana Pearson. During our on evening pop-up art experience both artists will perform LIVE acts

Kalina Juzwiak has for the occasion designed a limited and numbered special collection of our otter statues. Discover the influence of the artist and get the chance to buy a unique and single piece of art. Each otter is different and has its own personality. Match your otter to your personality and adopt a new friend!

In addition to the special otter collection, Kalina will perform a LIVE act at the hair studio at EN VOGUE TALSTRASSE. Her art will only be available as long as she creates it and will disappear at the end of the pop-up exhibition! You only have one chance to take a shot and share it on your social media networks. Be part of the act and share the art! YOU DECIDE HOW LONG HER ART WILL LIVE!

Shana Pearson will upgrade the experience with a LIVE vocal performance of a medley of her best songs! Attend a unique and private concert of the Swiss-American artist. Be seduced and treat yourselves to an artistic journey across emotions. Together with her guitarist Shana will also bring in a festive spirit and smoothly lead you into a X-massy mood.

Discover ART with your senses, Support emerging artistsBe part of the show,


Allow us to end Season 1 in the most artistic possible way!

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