An Otter Challenge...

So, if you have landed here you share one common quality with otters: you are CURIOUS! Let's see where we can take you next.

Our otters need help to create the buzz around our next exhibition and our collection of branded merchandising. This is where you come into the picture. We currently have the following freelancer project based openings:

- Student Filmmaker otter:

You might burn the house down if we'd ask you to cook, maybe even tying your shoes can be tricky but when you see a camera you are like a child in front it's Christmas presents. If the only idea of shooting a fun, creative, unique and artsy video clip turns you on, then we have a challenge for you!

The Project:

To present our next exhibition we need a short artsy video clip to trigger the curiosity and interest of our followers and potential visitors. The objective is to produce a 30 second clip to tease them, question them and intrigue them. The video then shall be cut into a few short few second clips for promotion on our various platforms. The full video shall translate the vibe and the atmosphere of The Otter Gallery exhibition. The goal is to bring them to buy their entry ticket to the exhibition.

READY? Join our gang of otter and apply now 

- Student Product Specialist Photographer:

The idea of shooting the portrait of a hyper active 5 year-old turning your studio into a playground freaks you out? We've got something else for you! The Otter Gallery has created a line of merchandising items including Otter Design Statues, Otter Travel Pouches, Otter Tote Bags, Otter Lanyards, Otter Stickers and Otter T-Shirts. Think about these items and a creative way to present them!

The Project:


To give our merchandising collection a chance to stand out and be bought, we need your talent to sublimate products!

Thanks to your skills products shine

Thank to your talent products become art pieces

Thanks to your genie people will need our merchandising items

We just described you? then hit apply!

- Ambassadotter:

You've always wondered what it feels like to promote the products of a famous brand? Ever wanted to be a Hollywood star making a cool commercial? We don't pay millions but we have an otter concept for you. The Otter Gallery needs your help and expertise to present it's merchandising collection, yes you will be the model! But the gallery sees you more as an ambassador and would like to embark you on a creative and artsy collaboration.

The Project:


Whether it is to show or promote our merchandising collection, or becoming a stunt actor in our short movies we are looking for you! 

You are easy going, fun and creative, you like art and avant-garde projects, you want to visit cool hotels and maybe even travel with us? Then become one of our Ambassadotters, become a model and help us build a concept, a brand and a new generational art concept

Wanna rise & shine? this way to the right

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